The Arizona Pick 3 Review

The Arizona Pick 3 Review

I saw an ad on the internet a few years back for a software package that claimed to have the best way to win slot games online. I didn’t pay much attention and figured that nothing but a scam would be involved. Happily, it wasn’t.

I bought the software and started to play for free. This is when I discovered that the claims the software made were not what they seem to be. I would have quit playing right then, but I had already been scammed before so I didn’t think it would happen again. I was right.

The scam was that the software offered a sure fire way to beat the slots. In fact, you could bet on it being a sure thing from the comfort of your own home. It also required you to place money on the online casino in order to play and win. Once you paid them, the system told you whether the slot was a winner or a loser.

If it sounded like a far fetched thing to try, that’s because it was. The system was still effective (See Below) and I have still not seen anyone come out ahead as the casinos have actually earned more money than the players on the exchanges.

The system requires you to bet around $1.00 per spin. Your winnings are based on the maximum of what the online casino will allow you to bet on the particular slot machine. While you could bet very low, you would unable to bet any lower because the table limit was too high.

My initial bet was $1.00 per spin. I spun the reels anyway, so I didn’t win anything. I thought this was a scam at first until I realized that this rule actually worked. Just spin the reels a little longer and you will win small amounts.

The Pick 3 scam wasn’t working for me so I tried the Arizona Pick 3. I thought this was going to work because the rules are the same as the other Pick 3 machines. I thought I had read a lot of good books on Pick 3, so I thought that I had a pretty good handle on what worked and what didn’t. At least, I thought I did. I had not won any money playing games, but I had won enough to know that I could win.

The Arizona Pick 3 allowed me to bet higher amounts per spin. I could bet $.50 or $1.00 per spin. The $1.00 per spin was the maximum amount that the machine would let me bet. Since the maximum bet is $1.00, I could bet as low as $.02 per spin. This is what I was talking about. The max bet was not a maximum, but a low. $1.00 was the highest maximum bet amount. Now, I started to really enjoy this machine.

Unfortunately, the Arizona Pick 3 only offers cash games. An $18.00 credit was all I could get on the Arizona Pick 3 machine. Next time I decide to play the slots, I’m going to keep the credit card handy. I do love playing the video poker machines and it’s nice to be able to have an additional credit in your pocket when I hit a decent hand.

The Arizona Pick 3 is a video poker machine that I highly recommend. I hoped that this review of the machine would help you to decide which of them you want to purchase.

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